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While many people dread the thought of having root canal treatment, the truth is that the procedure works to alleviate tooth pain rather than causing it. With our gentle approach and our sedation dentistry options to keep you relaxed, you can rest assured that your experience will be a comfortable, positive one.

What is a root canal treatment and why is it needed?

Endodontics offers a dental procedure known as a root canal treatment to repair and save teeth with infected or inflamed soft tissue known as pulp, which is found inside the tooth root. Damage to the tooth pulp may occur due to deep decay, dental trauma, or having a broken or cracked tooth.

An inflamed or infected tooth left untreated can lead to a host of problems including a painful abscess, or even damage requiring tooth extraction. Root canal treatment will repair and save a natural tooth, potentially preventing a dental emergency down the road. You will be able to speak and eat with ease, and you will also be able to preserve your healthy smile.

Why do I need a root canal?

Symptoms associated with the need for root canal therapy include a severe toothache, swelling, a bump on your gum indicating an abscess, tooth discoloration, tenderness, or sensitivity to heat and cold.

In some cases, you may be in need of root canal therapy but have no symptoms. That’s why we recommend that you maintain your routine dental exams. During your appointment we will likely take x-rays of your mouth which may uncover underlying problems, allowing for prompt treatment before any condition progresses.

What is the procedure?

We will begin by using a local anesthetic to numb the area and will administer sedation, if needed, to ensure your comfort during the procedure. First, we make an opening through the back of a front tooth or the crown of a molar. We will remove the diseased pulp then we will clean, shape and fill the pulp chamber and the root canal.

The final step involves placing a crown over the tooth to strengthen it and to restore its natural shape and appearance. With meticulous oral hygiene and care, your restored tooth can last a lifetime.

Cone Beam CT Scan

We, at My Time Dental Centers in Mesa, AZ, are proud to offer cone beam computed tomography (CT) scans to our patients. The revolutionary technology allows us to capture high-resolution 3D images of your mouth, which enables us to create targeted, individualized treatment plans. Our goal is to ensure that you always receive the best care possible.

What is a dental Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Scan?

A CBCT scan is a quick and painless, non-invasive dental imaging procedure that utilizes specialized x-ray technology and equipment to generate more detailed information than a traditional x-ray. A CBCT scan can provide us with a 360° view of your mouth, and can also produce high-resolution 2D images or full 3D views of your teeth, sinuses, tissues, nerve pathways, bone, and other structures.

What are the uses of CBCT Scans?

The device can be used for volume scans, which capture images of the entire mouth,  or it can focus in on specific areas. It produces images superior to traditional x-rays or MRI scans which only create 2D pictures of soft tissues, meaning they cannot perform bone scans which may be needed for dental planning.

CBCT scans are often used to plan orthodontic treatment, along with diagnosing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and evaluating the sinuses, nerve canals, and jaw and nasal cavity. They allow for a better understanding of the bone structure and tooth orientation, along with providing invaluable information when it comes to surgical planning for impacted teeth, and determining the accurate placement of dental implants.

What are the benefits?

CBCT scans capture dental images from multiple angles, allowing for a more complete assessment of your mouth. They provide precise, accurate visual data that can help us develop plans appropriate for your needs. You are exposed to much less radiation than with traditional x-rays. 

What should you expect?

Before the CBCT scan begins, we may ask you to remove any metal accessories which may interfere with the outcome of the scan. You will need to be as still as possible while the device circles around you to capture multiple images that are reconstructed to create a single 3D image.

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